Day 9: Christmas Memories

Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook

Daniela and Lily are looking through their Christmas scrapbook.

They have made it their holiday tradition to put together photos to remember each Christmas.

They have got lots of photos of their busy Christmas this year!




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook“Look at this one!” Daniela said, pointing to the photo. “Wasn’t that a great time, Lily?”

“It sure was. We had so much fun on that snow day!”

“We should add more photos.”

“Like what, Daniela?”




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook

“Let’s add this one,” Daniela said, posting the photo into the scrapbook.

“That looks perfect,” Lily said. “We should add more photos to fill up our scrapbook.”

“We should. We still have so much more to do this holiday season.”




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook at fireplace“Let’s put the scrapbook on the mantle for display,” Daniela suggested.

“Yeah,” Lily agreed. “So all of our friends can see it when they come over.”






Want to make a Christmas Scrapbook with Lily and Daniela?

Print out the design below, cut it out, and fold the pages together.

Use the blank pages to add your own holiday photos!

Christmas Scrapbook 1st Page

Christmas Scrapbook 2nd Page

Day 8: Make the Night Bright

Lily and gingerbread houseLily and Daniela are almost ready for their party tonight!

The girls are celebrating the holidays on the shortest day of the year–December 21st. That’s the day when the sun is out the least. After the 21st, the days get longer.

Lily is putting out the gingerbread house that she worked really hard on. She hopes their friends really enjoy it. If it tastes as good as it looks, it should be awesome!






Daniela puts a star on a Christmas treeDaniela is putting the star on their Christmas tree in the front hall. This tree is decked out in colourful Christmas lights. They make the party festive, and they help brighten up the night on the shortest day of the year.

“When do you think they’ll be here?” Daniela asked Lily.

“They should be here soon. The party is almost ready to start,” Lily replied.






Lily hanging a lantern“I’ll put this lantern here by the front door,” Lily said, as she hung the lantern. “This will help brighten today’s early nightfall.”

“Why did you pick the star lantern?” Daniela asked.

“Because of all the stars out tonight,” Lily said. She gestured to the window, where the girls could see it was night out with lots of stars in the sky.







Daniela opening the door


“They’re here!” Daniela said happily.

She went to the door and opened it for their friends.

“We’re so glad you could make it!”








Dolls greeting friends

“Priya and Sophie!” Lily called to them as they came inside. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Lily and Daniela!”

“What have you two been up to lately?” Daniela asked.

“So many things,” Priya said.

“We’ll have to tell you all about them,” Sophie said.

The girls celebrated the holidays that evening. They enjoyed the holiday snacks, sang Christmas carol karaoke, and took lots of funny pictures with the props Lily and Daniela made.


Dolls saying goodbye to friends

“That was so much fun!” Sophie said as she slipped her coat on. “We’ll definitely have to get together again sometime.”

“Totally!” Lily agreed.

“Maybe New Year’s?” Daniela suggested.

“We’ll see,” Priya said, heading for the door. “Bye, Lily! Bye, Daniela!”

Sophie followed Priya out the door. “Bye, girls!”

“BYE!” Lily and Daniela called after them.


Want to make a lantern like the one Lily and Daniela have?

Print out the design below, cut it out, and tape it together.

Star lantern pattern

Day 7: Holiday Hats

Lily and cookiesLily and Daniela are setting up for their Christmas party.

“These cookies look delicious! I wish I could have one,” Daniela said, admiring the cookies Lily brought out.

They all looked so festive and tasty, but they had to save them for the party.





Daniela Lily and camera“I can’t wait for the party either,” Lily said. “But as tasty are these cookies are, I’m super excited to see all the fun photos our friends take at the photo booth.”

Lily and Daniela had set up a photo station for their friends to take pictures at, complete with some festive props to make the photos extra festive.

“Will you take my photo, Lily?” Daniela asked, holding up the reindeer antlers prop.

“Sure! I’ve got the camera right here!”


Daniela in antlers

“Say cheese!” Lily said, getting ready to to take the photo.

Daniela smiled for the camera, holding the antlers in front of her head.

“Does that look good?” she asked.

CLICK! went the camera.

“Looks great, Daniela!” Lily said.



Daniela and Lily with props and Christmas tree

“Let’s take a photo together,” Daniela suggested.

Lily grabbed the Santa hat prop and joined Daniela by the tree. “The camera’s timer should go off in ten seconds. Are you ready?”

“Sure am!”

“Then say party.”

“PARTY!” the girls cheered.




Want to make your own photo props?

Print out the antlers and Santa hat below, cut them out, and then tape or glue them to straws.

Christmas Hats Designs

Day 5: Wrap It Up

Lily, Daniela, and gifts

Daniela and Lily are wrapping up Christmas presents today. They’re putting on ribbons and bows to make the gifts look extra special.







Lily and present

Daniela and present


Daniela is wrapping up a red candle for her mom. It smells like Christmas, a mix of home baking and pine trees, so the holiday season will last long past Christmas day.

Lily is wrapping up an ice cream cone purse. It’s a perfect combination of her favourite things: it’s cute, it’s practical, and it looks delicious! Her friend will love this purse.



Lily, Daniela, and gingerbread

Next up are the gingerbread men Lily made for her grandmother.

“Those look awesome, Lily.”

“I know. Grandmother will be so proud. I used her recipe, you know.”

“But we’re out of boxes after wrapping all of those other gifts,” Daniela told her.

“What will we put the cookies in then?”

“I’ve got an idea!”



Lily and Daniela making a box

Daniela pulled out some cardboard and paper, then got to work.

“Let’s make one!” she suggested.

“Great idea, Daniela!”






Lily and Daniela packing a boxYay! The box fits all of the gingerbread men.

“It looks so pretty!” Lilly said.

“That’s because we make a great team,” Daniela said.






Want to make your own homemade gift box?

Print out the design below, cut it out, glue it together, and put a gift inside.

Gift Box

Day 4: Christmas Baking

Lily bakingDaniela and Lily are baking Christmas goodies for the holidays.

Lily is mixing up batter for cupcakes. She’s making all kinds of different flavours, including vanilla, lemon, and her favourite chocolate.

Daniela is in charge of decorating. She’s got the frosting and candies all ready.

“How is the mixing going?” Daniela asked.

“Good! It’s just about ready to go into the oven,” Lily said, giving the batter another mix with the mixer.




Daniela and cupcakes“Yay! I just decorated the first batch and they look delicious!” Daniela said, holding up a tray of cupcakes. “They look good enough to eat right away.”

“They do,” Lily agreed. “But we have to wait until our friends come over. Treats are so much better when you can share them with friends.”

“You’re right, Lily. Is there anything else we should bake?”

“There is something special we could use more of in our Christmas baking,” Lily said.

“What’s that?”

“I’ll keep baking and show you.”

Daniela and Lily kept baking, making more and more wonderful treats.


Lily and Daniela baking

Lily finally showed Daniela her surprise baking.

“Gingerbread!” Lily said, gesturing to the gingerbread men and gingerbread house she prepared.

“It looks great, Lily! Our friends will love it.”

“I’m sure they’ll want to eat the whole thing,” Lily said, noticing how tasty the gingerbread house looked.

“It’s too bad something so pretty is going to be eaten. If only there was a way a gingerbread house could last past the holidays…”




Want a gingerbread house you can enjoy all year long? Try Daniela and Lily’s paper gingerbread house!

Lily and Daniela and gingerbread house

Print out the design below, cut it out, fold along the lines, and tape it together for your very own paper gingerbread house. For the best result, attach the paper to cardboard for a sturdier house.

Gingerbread house printable

Up to Something…


It looks like Daniela is up to something…… Come back next week to find out!

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