Day 8: Make the Night Bright

Lily and gingerbread houseLily and Daniela are almost ready for their party tonight!

The girls are celebrating the holidays on the shortest day of the year–December 21st. That’s the day when the sun is out the least. After the 21st, the days get longer.

Lily is putting out the gingerbread house that she worked really hard on. She hopes their friends really enjoy it. If it tastes as good as it looks, it should be awesome!






Daniela puts a star on a Christmas treeDaniela is putting the star on their Christmas tree in the front hall. This tree is decked out in colourful Christmas lights. They make the party festive, and they help brighten up the night on the shortest day of the year.

“When do you think they’ll be here?” Daniela asked Lily.

“They should be here soon. The party is almost ready to start,” Lily replied.






Lily hanging a lantern“I’ll put this lantern here by the front door,” Lily said, as she hung the lantern. “This will help brighten today’s early nightfall.”

“Why did you pick the star lantern?” Daniela asked.

“Because of all the stars out tonight,” Lily said. She gestured to the window, where the girls could see it was night out with lots of stars in the sky.







Daniela opening the door


“They’re here!” Daniela said happily.

She went to the door and opened it for their friends.

“We’re so glad you could make it!”








Dolls greeting friends

“Priya and Sophie!” Lily called to them as they came inside. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Lily and Daniela!”

“What have you two been up to lately?” Daniela asked.

“So many things,” Priya said.

“We’ll have to tell you all about them,” Sophie said.

The girls celebrated the holidays that evening. They enjoyed the holiday snacks, sang Christmas carol karaoke, and took lots of funny pictures with the props Lily and Daniela made.


Dolls saying goodbye to friends

“That was so much fun!” Sophie said as she slipped her coat on. “We’ll definitely have to get together again sometime.”

“Totally!” Lily agreed.

“Maybe New Year’s?” Daniela suggested.

“We’ll see,” Priya said, heading for the door. “Bye, Lily! Bye, Daniela!”

Sophie followed Priya out the door. “Bye, girls!”

“BYE!” Lily and Daniela called after them.


Want to make a lantern like the one Lily and Daniela have?

Print out the design below, cut it out, and tape it together.

Star lantern pattern

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