Day 9: Christmas Memories

Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook

Daniela and Lily are looking through their Christmas scrapbook.

They have made it their holiday tradition to put together photos to remember each Christmas.

They have got lots of photos of their busy Christmas this year!




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook“Look at this one!” Daniela said, pointing to the photo. “Wasn’t that a great time, Lily?”

“It sure was. We had so much fun on that snow day!”

“We should add more photos.”

“Like what, Daniela?”




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook

“Let’s add this one,” Daniela said, posting the photo into the scrapbook.

“That looks perfect,” Lily said. “We should add more photos to fill up our scrapbook.”

“We should. We still have so much more to do this holiday season.”




Lily, Daniela, and scrapbook at fireplace“Let’s put the scrapbook on the mantle for display,” Daniela suggested.

“Yeah,” Lily agreed. “So all of our friends can see it when they come over.”






Want to make a Christmas Scrapbook with Lily and Daniela?

Print out the design below, cut it out, and fold the pages together.

Use the blank pages to add your own holiday photos!

Christmas Scrapbook 1st Page

Christmas Scrapbook 2nd Page

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