Day 4: Christmas Baking

Lily bakingDaniela and Lily are baking Christmas goodies for the holidays.

Lily is mixing up batter for cupcakes. She’s making all kinds of different flavours, including vanilla, lemon, and her favourite chocolate.

Daniela is in charge of decorating. She’s got the frosting and candies all ready.

“How is the mixing going?” Daniela asked.

“Good! It’s just about ready to go into the oven,” Lily said, giving the batter another mix with the mixer.




Daniela and cupcakes“Yay! I just decorated the first batch and they look delicious!” Daniela said, holding up a tray of cupcakes. “They look good enough to eat right away.”

“They do,” Lily agreed. “But we have to wait until our friends come over. Treats are so much better when you can share them with friends.”

“You’re right, Lily. Is there anything else we should bake?”

“There is something special we could use more of in our Christmas baking,” Lily said.

“What’s that?”

“I’ll keep baking and show you.”

Daniela and Lily kept baking, making more and more wonderful treats.


Lily and Daniela baking

Lily finally showed Daniela her surprise baking.

“Gingerbread!” Lily said, gesturing to the gingerbread men and gingerbread house she prepared.

“It looks great, Lily! Our friends will love it.”

“I’m sure they’ll want to eat the whole thing,” Lily said, noticing how tasty the gingerbread house looked.

“It’s too bad something so pretty is going to be eaten. If only there was a way a gingerbread house could last past the holidays…”




Want a gingerbread house you can enjoy all year long? Try Daniela and Lily’s paper gingerbread house!

Lily and Daniela and gingerbread house

Print out the design below, cut it out, fold along the lines, and tape it together for your very own paper gingerbread house. For the best result, attach the paper to cardboard for a sturdier house.

Gingerbread house printable

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