Day 7: Holiday Hats

Lily and cookiesLily and Daniela are setting up for their Christmas party.

“These cookies look delicious! I wish I could have one,” Daniela said, admiring the cookies Lily brought out.

They all looked so festive and tasty, but they had to save them for the party.





Daniela Lily and camera“I can’t wait for the party either,” Lily said. “But as tasty are these cookies are, I’m super excited to see all the fun photos our friends take at the photo booth.”

Lily and Daniela had set up a photo station for their friends to take pictures at, complete with some festive props to make the photos extra festive.

“Will you take my photo, Lily?” Daniela asked, holding up the reindeer antlers prop.

“Sure! I’ve got the camera right here!”


Daniela in antlers

“Say cheese!” Lily said, getting ready to to take the photo.

Daniela smiled for the camera, holding the antlers in front of her head.

“Does that look good?” she asked.

CLICK! went the camera.

“Looks great, Daniela!” Lily said.



Daniela and Lily with props and Christmas tree

“Let’s take a photo together,” Daniela suggested.

Lily grabbed the Santa hat prop and joined Daniela by the tree. “The camera’s timer should go off in ten seconds. Are you ready?”

“Sure am!”

“Then say party.”

“PARTY!” the girls cheered.




Want to make your own photo props?

Print out the antlers and Santa hat below, cut them out, and then tape or glue them to straws.

Christmas Hats Designs

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