Day 5: Wrap It Up

Lily, Daniela, and gifts

Daniela and Lily are wrapping up Christmas presents today. They’re putting on ribbons and bows to make the gifts look extra special.







Lily and present

Daniela and present


Daniela is wrapping up a red candle for her mom. It smells like Christmas, a mix of home baking and pine trees, so the holiday season will last long past Christmas day.

Lily is wrapping up an ice cream cone purse. It’s a perfect combination of her favourite things: it’s cute, it’s practical, and it looks delicious! Her friend will love this purse.



Lily, Daniela, and gingerbread

Next up are the gingerbread men Lily made for her grandmother.

“Those look awesome, Lily.”

“I know. Grandmother will be so proud. I used her recipe, you know.”

“But we’re out of boxes after wrapping all of those other gifts,” Daniela told her.

“What will we put the cookies in then?”

“I’ve got an idea!”



Lily and Daniela making a box

Daniela pulled out some cardboard and paper, then got to work.

“Let’s make one!” she suggested.

“Great idea, Daniela!”






Lily and Daniela packing a boxYay! The box fits all of the gingerbread men.

“It looks so pretty!” Lilly said.

“That’s because we make a great team,” Daniela said.






Want to make your own homemade gift box?

Print out the design below, cut it out, glue it together, and put a gift inside.

Gift Box

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