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Day 2: Winter Fun

2-dsc04119-2Snow has fallen and Lily and Daniela are excited for their snow day!

The girls have headed to the local park. They are trying to come up with some fun ideas for playing in the snow.

“Build a snowman?” Lily asked.

I didn’t bring a carrot,” Daniela sighed.




3-dsc04106-2“What else could we do?”

“I’ve got an idea!”

“Where are you going, Daniela?”

“To find some snow.”

“For what?”

“A SNOWBALL FIGHT!” Daniela shouted.





The snowball splattered all over Lily’s back.

“Whoa!” she shouted as she lost her balance and stumbled into the snow.

“You okay, Lily?” Daniela asked.


“I’m going to look for something to use for the snowman’s nose.”

Lily reached into the snow to grab a snowball of her own.



6-dsc04096-2“Daniela?” she called to her friend.

“Over here, Lily!” Daniela replied.

“Heads up!” Lily shouted as she tossed her snowball at Daniela.



“Ha ha ha,” Lily laughed.





Lily and Daniela have had a fun day in the snow! Now they have to go home.

“But we didn’t get to build a snowman,” Daniela said.

“That’s okay,” Lily said. “We can make one at home.”




Want to make a snowman with Lily and Daniela?

Print the craft below to make your own snowman to decorate!

Snowman Craft

Day 1: Time To Decorate


Lily and Daniela are decorating the house for the holidays.Daniela and Christmas Tree

Daniela is putting up the decorations.

“And I’ll put this one here,” she said as she hung the ornament on the branch.

“That looks great,” Lily said. “Good job, Daniela.”

“What are you doing, Lily?”

“I made hot cocoa. Would you like some?”

“Hot cocoa would be wonderful!” Daniela replied.



Lily Drink

“Let’s sit by the fireplace,” Lily said. “I’ve got a cup of hot cocoa with your name on it!”

“Thanks,” Daniela said as she took the hot cocoa.

“No problem. I like how you decorated the place.”

“I’m so glad. Is there anything you would do differently?”

“I do have a few ideas about what I would do with the decorations…”

“Like what?”

“Maybe I could show you how I would decorate the room and you can see?”

“Go ahead.”


Can you spot the differences between each girl’s design?


Dolls and Christmas Tree


Happy Easter from Sisterhood in Town! Check out how Lily and Daniela celebrate this weekend…

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Photo 3 Photo 1


Happy Halloween!

Lily and Daniela went to pick out pumpkins to prepare for Halloween tomorrow. What should they do with the insides once they finish their jack-o-lanterns? Make pumpkin soup? Juice? Bake pumpkin seeds? Pie? Muffins? I say make all of them!


Lily and Daniela split up to find their own pumpkins. Can you spot Lily in the photo below?




Happy Thanksgiving!

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. The morning was cold, but the sun was out and slowly warming up the air and melting the frost off the grass. Lily and Daniela had set up a stand at the park near their houses to sell homemade cookies that they baked with their mothers the night before. Daniela was decorating the stand with colourful bunting while Lily was painting a sign that read “Help the blind and buy some cookies.”  The girls were planning to donate the money from the cookie sales to a charity organization that helps the visually impaired.

As the morning went by, many park visitors and morning joggers passed their stand, but none of them stopped to buy the cookies. By noontime, Lily and Daniela were getting disappointed. Suddenly, an old man who had been sitting in a nearby bench reading a newspaper got up and approached them. He told them that he had noticed their business was not doing so well, and proceeded to give them some advice on the wording of their sign. His words of wisdom dawned on Lily and she quickly repainted the sign. The old man smiled, nodded to the girls, and walked away. Soon after, their cookies sold like hotcakes and it was all gone within an hour.

The girls returned to Lily’s house where both their mothers were chatting over tea, and they told them about their morning and how the charity cookies sold extremely well after they followed an old man’s advice. When the moms asked what was the advice that the old man gave them, Daniela replied, “He pointed out that Thanksgiving is coming up, and asked us if we knew the true meaning of the holiday.”

“So I changed the sign to read ‘Today is a beautiful day, help the blind see it too,'” Lily said, “because the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for what we have.”

Daniela’s Crochet Courses in Richmond

This fall Sisterhood In Town sponsored by Richmond Medical Spa Club is excited to offer classes to teach the girls the art of crocheting. Check out Daniela’s notebook with all the details that she has jotted down. She can’t wait to start teaching and make new friends!

crochet_flyer crochet_flyer

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