Day 1: Time To Decorate


Lily and Daniela are decorating the house for the holidays.Daniela and Christmas Tree

Daniela is putting up the decorations.

“And I’ll put this one here,” she said as she hung the ornament on the branch.

“That looks great,” Lily said. “Good job, Daniela.”

“What are you doing, Lily?”

“I made hot cocoa. Would you like some?”

“Hot cocoa would be wonderful!” Daniela replied.



Lily Drink

“Let’s sit by the fireplace,” Lily said. “I’ve got a cup of hot cocoa with your name on it!”

“Thanks,” Daniela said as she took the hot cocoa.

“No problem. I like how you decorated the place.”

“I’m so glad. Is there anything you would do differently?”

“I do have a few ideas about what I would do with the decorations…”

“Like what?”

“Maybe I could show you how I would decorate the room and you can see?”

“Go ahead.”


Can you spot the differences between each girl’s design?


Dolls and Christmas Tree

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