Happy Halloween!

Lily and Daniela went to pick out pumpkins to prepare for Halloween tomorrow. What should they do with the insides once they finish their jack-o-lanterns? Make pumpkin soup? Juice? Bake pumpkin seeds? Pie? Muffins? I say make all of them!


Lily and Daniela split up to find their own pumpkins. Can you spot Lily in the photo below?




Happy Thanksgiving!

It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. The morning was cold, but the sun was out and slowly warming up the air and melting the frost off the grass. Lily and Daniela had set up a stand at the park near their houses to sell homemade cookies that they baked with their mothers the night before. Daniela was decorating the stand with colourful bunting while Lily was painting a sign that read “Help the blind and buy some cookies.”  The girls were planning to donate the money from the cookie sales to a charity organization that helps the visually impaired.

As the morning went by, many park visitors and morning joggers passed their stand, but none of them stopped to buy the cookies. By noontime, Lily and Daniela were getting disappointed. Suddenly, an old man who had been sitting in a nearby bench reading a newspaper got up and approached them. He told them that he had noticed their business was not doing so well, and proceeded to give them some advice on the wording of their sign. His words of wisdom dawned on Lily and she quickly repainted the sign. The old man smiled, nodded to the girls, and walked away. Soon after, their cookies sold like hotcakes and it was all gone within an hour.

The girls returned to Lily’s house where both their mothers were chatting over tea, and they told them about their morning and how the charity cookies sold extremely well after they followed an old man’s advice. When the moms asked what was the advice that the old man gave them, Daniela replied, “He pointed out that Thanksgiving is coming up, and asked us if we knew the true meaning of the holiday.”

“So I changed the sign to read ‘Today is a beautiful day, help the blind see it too,'” Lily said, “because the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for what we have.”

Lily Visits the Dentist

It was time for Lily’s bi-annual dental check-up before school started. She always liked the waiting room at the dentist’s office. There were books to read, pictures to colour, and best of all, a big lego table with numerous bricks in a bin that was embedded right in the middle. Since Lily was the only kid in the waiting room, she got the whole table to herself.


It didn’t take long before the dental assistant was calling her hame. She followed her past the reception desk into a room with three stations. The assistant led Lily to the farthest station where she sat down in the chair, made herself comfortable, closed her eyes and waited for the dentist…… (more…)

Lily Does Some Decorating

Summer vacation was almost over. School would be starting in a week. Lily heard the sound of the her mother parking the car in the driveway and bounded down the stairs to welcome her home at the front door. Her mother had been out all morning running errands around town. As Lily helped organize the groceries into the cupboards, her mother retrieved a package from her bag and handed it to her. “Here’s something for you to start the new school year with.” Lily placed her hand in the paper bag and pulled out a brand new notebook with hard white covers and a pink plastic coil binding.

“Wow thank you mother! It’s beautiful! I love it!” She quickly finished restocking the pantry and dashed upstairs with her new notebook. Her head was now buzzing with ideas to personalize it before school started. Rummaging through her craft supplies for inspiration, Lily came across her stash of beads left over from making her own jewellery last year, and suddenly, she got a brilliant idea……



The Beginning


It was a nice and sunny Saturday afternoon in August. Birds were chirping in the tree outside the open French windows of Lily’s room. It had been a month since summer vacation started, but apart from staying home and helping out with the chores, there was nothing to do. Lily was beginning to feel restless, so she decided to go spend some time in the park. She grabbed a picnic basket, packed a peanut butter sandwich along with a blueberry muffin and orange juice, told her mother that she would be back before dinner, and headed out the door.

The park was only two blocks away. Lily soon arrived and picked out a bench near the lake to sit down and enjoy her lunch. She watched the lake shimmer in the sun as a the summer breeze blew through her hair. Suddenly, she noticed a familiar silhouette sitting under the great oak tree not far in the distance. Realizing it was her friend Daniela, she quietly sneaked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. The girl turned her head.

“Lily!” she shrieked, “So nice to bump into you! What have you been up to this summer?”

“Nothing much. I was getting bored of sitting at home so I came to the park for some fresh air,” replied Lily.

“I’ve been having lot’s of fun reading a set of books I borrowed from the library. This The Silver Chair here is taking me on a great adventure in a world called Narnia.”

Lily laughed, “Oh Daniela, how I’ve missed you and your books.”

“You know what? I’ve heard that there is a Sisterhood in Town that offers many interesting classes and activities. They are having an open house soon and I was planning to go check it out. Would you like to join me?”

“It sounds exciting! I’m in!”

“Great. I will call you next week with more information. See you soon!”

To be continued……

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