Plan Your Birthday Party with Sisterhood In Town!


Why not have a birthday party with the Sisterhood In Town dolls! We will make every girl’s dream come true… if only for her birthday!
Our entertainment teams offer the fun-packed birthday parties either at a place of your choice whether it’s a park, home, school or daycare center. They will also take care of girls’ holiday parties, sleepover parties, fundraising or any other special events. Our teams will create a fun atmosphere that is appealing to both girls and adults alike. The girls will have a wonderful opportunity to experience what it is like to have a little sister or a true friend with whom they can read adventurous stories, learn some useful skills, set up future goals and dreams, discuss current events and issues, and even share their secrets. Have a Sisterhood In Town themed birthday party and watch girls’ faces lighten up as they play with our dolls, make their own food or stuffed animals, create their first masterpiece or sing their favorite songs.

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