Day 6: Sledding in the Snow

Lily and Daniela see snow

Lily and Daniela had a big surprise when they woke up this morning: another Snow Day!

“Daniela! Look!” Lily called to her friend from the window. “It’s snowed!”

“Awesome! What should we do today in the snow?” Daniela asked.

“Let’s get ready to go outside and decide on the way.”





Lily and Daniela getting ready Daniela and Lily are getting their snow clothes on.

“I’m wearing my poofy coat,” Lily said, pulling her furry hood up over her head.

“I’m wearing my warm boots,” Daniela said, slipping her boot on.

“So what should we do when we’re outside?”

“Do you still have that sled?” Lily asked.



Lily and Daniela and sled

Daniela brought out the sled her grandfather gave her last Christmas.

“Here it is!” she said, pulling out the wooden sled by its red cord.

“Then we should go sledding!” Lily cheered.





Lily and Daniela sleddingDaniela and Lily climbed onto the sled.

“Are you hanging on, Lily?”

“Yep. Have you got the cord to steer us?”

“I do. Are you ready to go?”

“Let’s go.”

“Weeeeeeeeeeeee!” the girls cheered as they flew down the hill on their sled.

“Ha ha ha!” Daniela laughed as they got to the bottom. “That was fun.”


Help Lily and Daniela get down the hill in the maze below.

Sisterhood Maze

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