Day 12: Funky Christmas Sweater

sweater 1Daniela has come over to visit Lily for Christmas.

“What are you working on?” she asked, spotting Lily’s project on the table.

“It’s a funky Christmas sweater,” Lily explained. “Every year, my family makes these sweaters and has a competition at our Christmas dinner. I’m hoping to win this year!”




sweater 2“What are you putting on yours?”

“A Christmas tree, of course,” Lily said, holding up the tree print. “I made it myself.”

“That looks really neat. And I like the star,” Daniela said, grinning.







sweater 3Lily placed the tree print down on the sweater and pressed it on. She centred it to look just right. Once she was happy with it, she held it up for Daniela to see.









sweater 4“What do you think?” she asked.

“That sweater sure looks cute. If it doesn’t win first place, it should definitely win best in show.”

“I think I might have a flair for this designing thing,” Lily said. “Maybe I should try making some more of my own designs.”

“Definitely,” Daniela agreed. “You’ve got a stylist’s eye.”




sweater 5Lily struck a pose by the fireplace. She was runway ready with her do-it-yourself design.







Want to make a Christmas Tree sweater like Lily’s?

Print out the design below, cut it out, and put it on a sweater.


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